Appraisals (What’s my piano worth)

What’s My Piano Worth?

Unlike used cars, used pianos are not neatly categorized and valuated according to specific year, make, model and features. There is no reliable piano Blue book.

Many factors affect a piano’s value including: its age, geographic location, condition of the piano’s cabinet, structure and inner parts, and the eagerness of the potential buyer (or seller).

Any piano is ultimately worth what someone is willing to pay for it, but many people have no idea even where to start when it comes to pricing their piano once they intend to sell it. On the other hand, potential buyers are not sure whether or not a used piano for sale is reasonably priced.

The most accurate way to determine a used piano’s value is to have a local piano dealer – who has knowledge of the piano sales market – perform a detailed onsite assessment of the piano’s condition and appraise its value. They pay a piano technician $150 to $400 to thoroughly assess the instrument. can do a similar appraisal online. All you have to do is fill out a simple questionaire.

Who Should Use This Service?

Anyone who wants a quick and inexpensive ballpark guide to a piano’s value:

– Sellers: You are thinking of selling your piano and want an idea of its value in order to determine a selling price.
– Buyers: You are searching for a used piano and want to know if a particular piano is priced reasonably.
– Owners: You are curious to know the ballpark market value of your piano, but don’t want a comprehensive appraisal performed by a piano technician just yet.

What Is Included In the Appraisal?

Manufacturer information and age of the instrument.
Cash Value (what your local music dealer will pay or consign it for).
Market Value (what you should hope to get from an individual, say in the newspaper).
Replacement Value (for donation and insurance purposes- this is what a like kind is currently selling for in stores).

How Much Is It and How Fast Can I Get the Appraisal:

          Standard : $15.00 appraisal emailed within 2 business days.
          Express: $20.00 appraisal emailed within 24 hrs on business days.
          Certificate: $25.00 a hard copy is signed and mailed to you within 48 hours.
          IN-HOME: $125 detailed appraisal at a time we can meet, includes certificate.

$15.00 emailed to you.   2-4 Business Days
Order a Standard Appraisal

$20.00 appraisal emailed usually within 24 hrs*
Order an Express Appraisal

$25.00 a hard copy is signed and mailed to you.   48 Hours
Order a Certificate Appraisal

$125.00 – We come to you, inspect your instrument, and provide you with an appraisal. Certificate included
Order an In-Home Appraisal