Sell Your Piano

Do you need to sell your piano?
Would you like to list your instrument on a web site that is bombarded with traffic? Would you like a hassle free sale that all you have to do is collect your check with nothing else to worry about? Would you like all that at no upfront cost to you? We will give you a free listing of your piano with your asking price and upon any request of offers we will contact you and act as a broker to ensure a smooth transaction for both buyer and seller. We charge no posting fees. World Wide Piano will collect a commission from the final sale price of the instrument. There are no other fees. If it does not sell it costs you nothing.

Personal information is not posted on the website. WWP handles all aspects of the sale. We will contact buyer and act as a broker to ensure a smooth and effortless sale. Please provide us with the following information to start the instrument consignment process.

Our average online consignment fee is 10% of the sale price.